Jimmy Singleton

  • Nicknames: Jimmytron, King Jimmy
  • Hometown: Galesburg, Illinois
  • Licensed to Tattoo: 16+ years
  • Artistic Influences: Pushead, James Jean, John Byer Daizley, Aaron Horkey, Grime,  Art Adams, Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Ed Hardy, Jack Kirby, basically Comic Book Artists, Tattooers, Heavy Metal album covers and anyone who makes me stop and try to figure out how they did that!
  • First Tattoo He Got and When: It’s a Mariners Cross. I was in the Navy and wanted something to represent my faith, and service to our Country with a classic image that Billy Seibert a Vietnam Vet and Minister friend had given me a sliver pendant of. But I had lost the pendant and still loved the image and returned to Hawk’s Tattoos in Galesburg ,Illlinois .
  • If He Could Be Any NON-fictional Person: Teddy Rosevelt seemed like a badass, Alexander the Great was all right, perhaps Bruce Willis, but I’m going to stick with being me because I’m enjoying this thing so far.
  • Other Mad Skills: Besides restoring peace to the warring tribes of Regulon 5, I have been known to play a video game.